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Monday, May 7, 2012

Inspiration or Perspiration?

Sorry this post is a bit late getting out. I'm still recovering from a long weekend. On Saturday, along with my daughters and husband, I watched my son graduate from Indiana University "with highest distinction" - summa cum laude. Gotta say, our buttons were bursting.

One of the speakers at the commencement ceremony was Indiana University alumni, Booker T. Jones.

Assembly Hall - Indiana University - Bloomington, Indiana
Indiana Alumni - Booker T. Jones on the big screen.
Photo by Loree Huebner

Booker T. Jones was born November 12, 1944. He is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, record producer, and arranger. Booker T. is best known as the frontman of the band – Booker T. & the M. G.’s. He has 4 Grammy’s to his name.


Booker’s musical talents were apparent at a very early age. He played many different instruments and served as organist in his church. In high school, he was already a semi-professional musician. He co-wrote the popular song, Green Onions, in 1962, when he was teenager and still in high school. That song is still a classic today – 50 years later! If you don’t recognize the song title, or weren’t born yet, take a listen to the youtube at the bottom of this post…I guarantee that you’ve heard this classic hit. At that time, Booker couldn’t read a lick of music, but he could play anything after hearing it—a prodigy.  


At Indiana, studying classical music composition, Booker learned the mechanics and theory of music, perfecting his craft. Working hard and learning music took him in to different places to share his gift – He was a student at IU when, Green Onions, became a huge hit. Wow! During that time, Booker went to school during the week, played with the M.G.’s on the weekends back in Memphis, and wrote some great songs  -  with Eddie Floyd, “I Never Found A Girl – To Love Me Like You Do,” the music to Otis Reddings’s “I Love You More Than Words Can Say,” and, with William Bell, Albert King’s “Born Under A Bad Sign.”

Booker had the talent, but took time to study his craft - or better said in his own words, "I survived because I learned how to learn." It paid off in an awesome music career.

My question for you is: Inspiration or Perspiration? Both?

Me? Perspiration all the way! There is inspiration, but then I must work at it.

Take a listen to the 1962 classic - Green Onions by Booker T. Jones & the M.G.'s

I love the dancing on this video!

Between you, me and the gatepost,