"Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by doing so some people have entertained angels without knowing it." - Hebrews 13:2

Monday, July 2, 2012

A Summer Place

I can’t believe how fast the Fourth of July has crept up on us! Where did June go? I know many bloggers are on break this week. Enjoy the holiday! Many of us will be heading to spend the holiday at a favorite summer place. I'm on vacation this week, but will be staying home...my favorite summer place. We have BBQ's lined up, parades, the Heart concert with my BFF, and general lazy nights stargazing on the deck. Writing sessions will come in here and there. We'll be spending the upcoming weekend boating on Lake Michigan, watching the air show. Love those stealths!

Anyway, I wish you all a Happy Fourth of July! A lot of towns and cities are cancelling their fireworks shows because of the dry, drought conditions. We’ve had some big rains here, so I think our town’s show is still on. After those wildfires out west, I understand the precautions.

A few weeks ago, the lovely Gwendolyn Gage presented me with a new Blog award. Thank you, Gwen! Do stop by Gwen’s blog – Serving ThroughWords - She’s always got something good going on over there.

I received the Kreative Blogger Award.

As a part of the award, I'm to share 7 interesting things about myself, and then grant this award to 7 other blogs.

I don’t know how interesting these are, or if I have ever shared them before with a different award…but anyway, here goes.

1) I was a champion high jumper in my younger years.

2) I became an aunt at the age of 5. Yes it’s true. My oldest sib is 17 years older than me. My nephew and I shared more of a little brother/big sister relationship when we were kids. I love him dearly.

3) I love to fish. I cast for largemouth bass mostly.

4) I’m a living historian, and I do Civil War reenacting.

5) I’m a fan of old classic, black and white movies.

6) I’m having a colonoscopy tomorrow morning. Haha…thought I would see if you were paying attention. No really, I am. I’m prepping today. I’m at the age where mammograms and a colonoscopy is the norm for a preventive check up. Hey seriously though – if Katie Couric can have her colonoscopy done live on the Today Show, or Dr. Oz can constantly remind us of the importance - I can also remind everyone that preventive medicine has its place to save lives with early detection. Wish me luck! Or whatever you wish someone having this procedure. I would appreciate a few prayers for a clean bill of health.

7) I can’t believe I just told everyone that I was having a colonoscopy!

Well, I hope that was interesting enough….maybe too much information?

Now I’m supposed to pass this on to 7 other bloggers, but I’m flinging it into the air. No pressure. Grab the award if you want and share 7 interesting things about you on your blog.

I'm taking a break too. I'm disabling my comments this week.
Have a Happy and Safe Fourth of  July! During this holiday, don’t forget to take a moment to remember those who fought for our freedoms. See you next week!

Between you, me and the gatepost,