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Monday, January 21, 2013

Lake Michigan in January...

Pictures tell stories. This week, I thought I would do a picture blog.

With my knee healing, I still can't do much walking. On Saturday, Hubby drove us up to Lake Michigan. We spent a windy, but warm morning (mid 40's) visiting Whihala Beach along the Whiting/Hammond border. This area of the lakefront is more industrial because of the proximity to Chicago, but still has a grand view of the lake. We wanted to get some fresh air before the temps fell into the single digits this week. I also wanted to add to my collection of stones and lake glass (it's sea glass, but here in the region we call it lake glass). Enjoy the visit to Lake Michigan!

Looking NW toward Chicago - Photo by Eric Huebner

Chicago  from the Indiana side - Photo by Loree Huebner

Low tide shore ripples - Photo by Eric Huebner

Wind rippled sand - Photo by Loree Huebner

Whihala Beach - Photo by Loree Huebner

A casualty from last summer - Photo by Loree Huebner

Eric couldn't help himself & had to play - Photo by Loree Huebner

Blue Sky - Photo by Eric Huebner

Shadows - Photo by Eric Huebner

More shadows - Photo by Eric Huebner

Rocks and ripples - Photo by Loree Huebner

The only ice we found  near the lake - Photo by Loree Huebner

Me - Photo by Eric Huebner

Our haul of, shells, stones, and lake glass to add to my lake glass jar - Photo by Loree Huebner

Thanks for joining me! What did you do over the weekend? Do you collect any odds or ends from nature?

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Terri Tiffany said...

I have never been to this lake or area. It's beautiful! Looks like seeing the ocean with the sand and all. We like to haunt the thrift stores on our weekends but not this past one, Husband is working hard on building the frames for our kitchen cabinets. He's on a mission!

Victoria Lindstrom said...

Thanks for hosting a photographic visit to your corner of our country. I've never been anyway near where you live...it looks lovely!

Julie Jarnagin said...

I love the casualty from last summer. :)

J.L. Campbell said...

Hi, Loree,
I haven't been to the beach in ages. Nice pictures.

Maria I. Morgan said...

Awesome that you had a decent day to get to the Lake! Not something that comes to mind when I think of those MI winters! Thanks for sharing your day via pictures. God bless~

Pat Trainum writing as Patricia Bradley said...

Thank you for a pictorial visit to your neck of the woods. Most of the lakes around here, you can see across to the other side, so I never imagined that Lake Michigan was so big! lol

Loree Huebner said...

Terri: Lake Michigan is big. Sometimes the waves can get big like the ocean. I love to hit the thrift shops! I'm going to want to see pictures of your cabinets when they are done!

Victoria: Glad you liked it. We have everything. I'm in Indiana, but considered a part of the Chicago metro area. To the south we have cornfields all the way to Indy. Lake Michigan is just a bonus!

Julie: I love the casualty too. He was just laying there, and I snapped the picture.

J.L.: Time to go to the beach!

Maria: So good of you to stop in, Maria. Glad you enjoyed the pictures. It was a beautiful morning.

Pat: Lake Michigan is huge. The beaches and sand dunes are gorgeous as you head east around and up into Michigan.

Thank for popping in everyone!

Jessica R. Patch said...

I loved those pictures, especially the ones with the toy soldiers! :)

I spent Saturday running errands with my son and taking him to Gamestop and lunch. Lots of fun. Then we just hung out at home. :)

Gwendolyn Gage said...

I enjoyed your pictures! It must be fun to live near a beach. :-) I'm sure you have quite a collection! I didn't do much this weekend. My grandmother had to go back to the hospital--her potassium levels were low after being sick, but they should be letting her come home today.

troutbirder said...

It do like a bit somber and chilly. We visited the Soo early last summer and Lake Michigan has always been serene when I've seen it but I know that have some really fierce storms in the fall....

Jeanette Levellie said...

Looks lovely but cold! I'm happy for you that you got out to play a bit as you recover.

I drove to Indy to visit with my editor. We had a grand time! Thanks for asking,

Gabrielle Meyer said...

Lovely photos, Loree! I love the Great Lakes - they are so beautiful and unique. This past weekend my hubby and I spent part of Saturday at a home improvement store buying material for our basement remodel. I'm so excited to get it done! More floor space for our active family.

Thanks for sharing the photos!

Jessica Nelson said...

Did you say *gulp* warm 40s??? LOL
That's freezing in FL! Hahahaaa.
Thanks for the pics and I'm glad your knee is healing!

Loree Huebner said...

Jessica: That soldier was funny. A leftover from last summer. Saturday hanging with the kids is an awesome way to spend the day! It doesn't matter what you're doing...you're together. Fun stuff!

Gwen: It is nice to have the beach so close. We go up to the lake a lot during the summer. I'll keep your grandma in my prayers for a speedy recovery.

Trout: There can be terrible storms on Lake Michigan! I've been at this beach where we had to stay up in the parking lot to take pictures because the waves were so high and dangerous. A lot of lives have been lost on Lake Michigan.

Jeanette: I love Indy! I have a daughter who lives there. Glad you and your editor had a grand time in Nap-town!

Gabrielle: Thanks. I hope your basement project goes good! You do need more room for your beautiful family. Our family room really needs a make over.

Jessica: I know that 40's is freezing weather in FL!! haha...
It was a heat wave here!

Thanks for dropping by everyone!
Love your comments and sharing your weekend!

Cynthia Chapman Willis said...

Beautiful photos! I hope your knee is healing well and not being cranky.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

The winter beach scenes are so different from the summer ones. It reminds me of our lives, which also appear quite different from season to season.

I have a few shells, but that's it.

Cynthia Herron said...

Loree, I think I'm finally able to comment again! (I've been doing some behind-the-scenes tinkering! :) ) Yay!

I loved your pictures! I like collecting seashells and anything from the ocean really.

Loree Huebner said...

Cynthia: So great of you to drop by. I've been thinking about you...hope you're healing fast too. No crankiness! LOL! Wishing you well!

Susan: the winter beach is different from the summer beach. It seems more peaceful in the winter. No hustle and bustle of beach goers...a stillness. Nice...

Cynthia: Yay! So nice to have you here! I love how you never know what the tide will bring. Every time we go, it's different...

Thanks for stopping by ladies!

Karen Lange said...

Looks like a great trip! Sometimes I like the chilly excursions like this better than when it's too warm. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

Sandra Orchard said...

Now that I've read the mystery with the heroine who makes jewelry out of sea glass, I seem to be hearing about it everywhere! Lovely photos, Loree. I used to be a collector, still have a few special rocks, shells, and fossils to show for it. My hubby loves to hunt for fossils along the north shore of Lake Ontario.

Loree Huebner said...

Karen: I like the warm weather but not the hot hot weather. Glad you stopped in!

Sandra: I saw that book on your blog. I have a jar of sea (lake) glass too. We get tons of it on the southern end of lake Michigan. I hope to make jewelry out of it someday. We've made some earring already. Thanks for popping in!